• 1 in 4 people struggle with password overload. Here’s the answer
    Are you tired of juggling a multitude of passwords like a circus act? You’re not alone. According to a recent report, around 1 in 4 of us feel the same. But it’s not just the sheer number of passwords that’s causing headaches – it’s the security risks they pose. Let’s
  • Cyber security training once a year isn’t working
    We all know how important it is to keep our people up-to-date on the latest cyber threats. After all, with cyber attacks on the rise, staying one step ahead is crucial to protect your business from potential breaches. But here’s the thing – annual cyber security training just isn’t cutting
  • Copilot is bringing another productivity boost to Teams
    If you’re all about doing everything you can to help your team max their productivity (who wouldn’t want that, right?), then you’re going to love what Microsoft Teams has in store for us with its latest Copilot upgrades. Imagine, you’re mid-Teams meeting, brainstorming like there’s no tomorrow. Ideas are flying
  • Uh oh! You’re at greater risk of malware than ever before
    Here’s something not-so-fun but incredibly important to talk about: Malware attacks. And it’s bad news. These scary cyber threats are hitting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) harder than ever before. That means you need to know how you can defend your business. First things first, what exactly is malware? Think
  • Be more productive with these Microsoft Edge features
    Improving productivity is a never-ending mission for most business owners and managers. Whether it’s speeding up tasks or improving communication, every little helps. So it’s crucial to make the most of the tools you already have. And while you might think of your web browser as just a means to
  • Is this the most dangerous phishing scam yet
    Picture this: You’re going about your day, checking your emails, when suddenly you see a message from a company you trust. You think, “Great! That’s safe to read”. But hold on just one minute… this email is not what it seems. It’s part of yet another scam created by cyber
  • Do You Think You’d Fall for a Deepfake Scam?
    With Deepfakes becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s a legitimate question. But what exactly is a Deepfake exactly? Deepfakes are videos or images manipulated using artificial intelligence (AI). Deepfake AI has the ability to train itself on lots of real photos and videos, learn how to move people’s faces, and emulate their
  • Cyber attacks: Stronger, faster and more sophisticated
    A new security report has revealed some alarming trends. First off, cyber attacks are becoming faster than ever. Breakout times (that’s the time it takes for a criminal to move within your network after first getting in) have dropped significantly. We’re talking an average of just 62 minutes compared to